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I ordered 1570 pieces of tile and paid in full plus delivery charges totalling $5409. After having multiple difficulties getting the tile delivered, once it was delivered it was obvious many pieces were broken.

I noted the damage on the delivery receipt as instructed by the tile company. I then took digital photos of the damaged tile. The tile company argued that there probably wasn't as much breakage as I thought and to use the tile and save the broken pieces as they may need an insurance adjustor to view them to claim against the delivery company. I repeatedly alerted the tile company that we would not have enough tile to finish the job and asked for replacement tile to be sent as there was much more than 15% breakage.

They refused and only offer to sell me more broken tile with a wait time of weeks.

I've sent multiple emails and followed their every instruction to no avail. I want either the replacement tile sent or a refund of the 21% breakage (324 tiles)

Monetary Loss: $1111.

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New York, New York, United States #1239331

Hi as I am legal counsel for several large Nyc construction companies. To prevent issues such as these in the future you or your company must have an inspection procedure in place before anyone signs Deivery Purchase Orders.

Your best move is to refuse delivery when your first pass test reveals damage to any purchased product. Once the product is signed for you enter a more complex situation to be reimbursed for damaged goods which will require legal counsel.

The next step is strait foreword, contact a local attorney and pursue legal action against the company.

Be prepared to provide dates, times, emails, company representative names, call logs (from your phone company) contract terms of order, photos etc for the firm before contacting.

Please pursue, don't let venting your anger online satisfy you. There is significant monetary & even business reputation loss with this case.


Oddly, the instructions I had to agree to in order to activate the freight insurance specifically said not to refuse delivery, even if the driver advised it. They said to note damage on the shipping receipt form but accept the tile.

I followed the directions, immediately contacted the company and sent photos.

I'm at a loss as to how I could have handled this better while still following their guidelines. But, I'll never order something so breakable online again.

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #688155

It might have been wise to refuse the shipment. However, too late now...

And yes, the company probably filed a claim and received the usual "insufficient packaging" as a response from the carrier. Sad situation, but seems that it is made worse by the company's refusal to re-ship replacement tiles.


Did you get insurance on the package? If it cost that much and knowing it would be fragile tile I would have got the insurance. How is it their fault for the mail company breaking the tiles?

to Anonymous #688113

The tile company had freight insurance and asked me to respond to an email outlining the delivery terms in order to activate the coverage which I did. There seems to be some finger pointing between the shipping company ("crates were overpacked, packed incorrectly") and the tile company. I believe this is a case where no one cares if the customer is left holding the bag as long as they can blame someone else for it.

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